Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Power of “What If”

Image by Jim Martin
By Juan Gonzales

“What if?” What if indeed. In the world of Bio Shock (a video game), there are two interesting concepts - one of which is a city under the sea. Under the sea, and no, it is not Atlantis from The Little Mermaid- it is the city of Rapture. Rapture is a great place to start a new life if you have the money. How the city could exist is the power of “what if?” Using the shallowest part of the ocean where the maximum depth is less than 300 feet, this concept is completely possible. By using the shallowest part of the ocean, the building would be lighter from the buoyancy of the ocean, and would also have to be sturdy enough to withstand the crush depth of the ocean. But wouldn’t it be cold down there? Not if the city was built on a volcano vent that would produce power and heat for this city. Food could be caught or made if the buildings were tall enough (at least 100 feet under sea level) where plants can get just enough sunlight for the roof top gardens to grow plants and vegetables. What about air? There would be the plants grown or algae farms in every building to produce enough o2 (oxygen). BOOM, your mind has just blown!

Wait, there is more in this world of Bio Shock- there is another city in the clouds. Wait, what? Yes, the clouds. How can this be? By the game using quantum physics, the theory of relativity and also the string theory. The city can float by using the earth’s magnetic field and windmill turbines for stability and movement. The city of Columbia is not one lump sum, but block sections that are floating separately in the clouds. The temperature might be a little colder than the game portrays where people are wearing summer clothes. The city of Columbia is completely plausible, using advanced scientific techniques and some ingenuity. BOOM, again that’s twice your mind has blown!

The Flying City of Columbia by Unknownshipper

Besides the revolutionary ideas and the power of “what if?” there is some cheesy game play involved. All the concepts are based on actual science, engineering, quantum physics, plus the theory of relativity and the string theory. The thoughts and ideas are such mind blowing concepts that the Bio Shock world could be a reality - just as possible as playing the game and discovering the world of Bio Shock and all of its interesting concepts for yourself.