Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Be a Hero

by Anonymous

Everyone has the potential to be a hero. We see opportunities every day. It may not be a calling to bound buildings and save lives, but a simple act if kindness is also heroic. A true hero is someone who sticks up for those who cannot defend themselves. All too many times we see the weak are the ones who are hurt or picked on. It takes only one brave person to correct these wrongs and say something. These people are true heroes and should be acknowledged.

Standing up for those in need is not always easy; we often are afraid ourselves. Or perhaps it’s our nature to turn a blind eye, not wanting to get involved with what's happening. We often think that someone else will say something and stop the abuse, but all too often that is not the case.

You don’t have to run into a burning building to be help someone in need. All it takes is a kind word to someone who looks sad, or a hot meal for a stranger, or maybe even a load of groceries for your neighbor who is going through tough times. These are the things people are going to remember and be grateful for.

Everyone deserves a hero. Are you going to be someone's hero? Next time you see a person in need, stop and think about what might happen if you don’t help. Stepping in and helping could save a life and isn’t that what being a hero is all about? Those who step up and help are true heroes and should be acknowledged.

Sure, being able to stop bullets and leap over tall buildings is what we think of when you mention a hero. It is something we all wish we could do, but don’t forget all those out there that are heroes in their own right. We all get the call to be a hero; are you going to listen? Forget about yourself and do what is right. Be someone's hero.


  1. I completely agree with this post. It is the small efforts made that can influence or change someone's life. Be kind, smile at people, engage with those around you and stick up for someone being picked on. Life is to be shared. We can all be heroes!

  2. i've had friends who i didn't stand up for die. there's usually an urgency that if you don't do something, then thats it, no second chance. I was out one night last year and this guy started threatening to go get a gun and start killing people at the bar. when i left the bar, be was doing donuts in his car in the parking lot screaming out the window. people just ignored him. i knew that i couldn't walk away. We had a confrontation and he set his elderly dog on me, tearing at my leg while him and i faced each other. learned alot about this man in those ten minutes. the police were called by the owners of the bar, and they let him sleep in his car in the parking lot that night. thought he would be arrested. sometimes people and situations need our attention, and it shows everyone we care enough to prevent things from getting a lot worse. TMF @ RTG.

  3. This made me think of what heroes are always overlooked or forgotten, and the two that came to mind were Mothers and Fathers. My Mother has been my emotional rock, when I start to get to far out there she always keeps me in line. And my Father is my example, the one that I can always think "What would my dad do". These are my unsung heroes.